Our wedding is taking place on the French Riviera, also known as the Côte d'Azur, which is a region in the South East of France close to the Italian border. Our wedding venue is located on a stunning peninsula called Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, situated between Nice and Monaco.


Grand Hôtel du Cap Ferrat Four Seasons

Our wedding day celebrations will be taking place at the Grand Hôtel du Cap Ferrat, a Four Seasons hotel. The establishment is located at the very tip of the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.



Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France

Dress Code: Fancy Cocktail


Join us at 4.30pm for a welcome refreshment

prior to a 5.30pm ceremony in the Volupté Gardens


Enjoy an open bar and hors d'oeuvres

immediately following the ceremony in the gardens


The festivities continue at the Club Dauphin at 8.00pm

The party will come to a close at 2am



The closest international airport is Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, 45 minutes' drive from our wedding venue.

Nice airport is by far the most convenient option, but if you would like to discover other areas of France and ones bordering Italy, below are suggestions for alternative airports.

Nice airport is small and not too crowded, it is fairly easy to find your way.


MILAN: 4.5 hours' drive from Cap-Ferrat. Milan is ideal for discovering the famous Italian Lakes: Como (recommended), Maggiore, Lugano, Iseo and Garda.

PARIS: The most romantic city in the world! From central Paris you can take a train to Nice (6 hours), or alternatively a connecting flight.

MARSEILLE: 2.5 hours' drive from Cap-Ferrat. Marseille is located in the Provence region of the South of France, famous for its vineyards, Châteaux and historical monuments. It's an easy drive from Marseille to the Nice / Cap-Ferrat area.



If you would like to book an airport transfer, we recommend the local chauffeur company, Prestige Driver. Alternatively, you may prefer to take an Uber or taxi to your hotel.


Many reputable car rental companies operate out of Nice airport.


We will be providing transfers from guest accommodations to the Four Seasons Cap-Ferrat on the wedding day.
Details regarding pickup times and locations will be provided closer to the date.
Return shuttles will be available from midnight.


There are many great Airbnb options in the area surrounding our wedding venue. We recommend that guests stay in one of the following locations which are all circled on the map below.

Tracy and Chris will be staying at an Airbnb North of Villefranche-sur-Mer, up the hill.


The peninsula on which our wedding venue is located. Anywhere in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat would be a convenient and picturesque option.

Airbnb options are fairly limited in Cap-Ferrat and prices are a little higher than some of the other locations listed. Cap-Ferrat is the least lively of the options; it offers a very relaxed and peaceful setting. If you're looking for nightlife, Nice would be a better choice.


A prolongation of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Beaulieu-sur-Mer is a quaint coastal village with a port lined with restaurants and a village centre with a selection of cute stores. There is a sandy beach in Beaulieu-sur-Mer.

Like in Cap-Ferrat, Airbnb options are somewhat limited. An upside is that restaurants, cute stores and sandy beaches are all accessible by foot.

5 minutes' drive from the Four Seasons


Located between Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and Nice, Villefranche-sur-Mer is a beautiful, bustling coastal town with a relaxed atmosphere. The pink, orange and yellow painted houses on the port and its bay, which is often filled with yachts make Villefranche an iconic spot on the French Riviera.

Villefranche offers Airbnb apartments in the old town as well as larger houses up in the hills. If you rent a property in the hills, you'll probably need a car to get around easily. Tracy and Chris will be staying in this area, in a house with the kids.

15 to 20 minutes' drive from the Four Seasons


The 5th largest city in France, Nice is the capital of the Côte d'Azur. Nice is famous for its majestic coastal road, the "Promenade des Anglais", its pebble beaches, local "Nicoise" gastronomy and the "Vielle Ville" (old town).

There are many Airbnb options in the old town and port area, which would allow you to discover the surrounding area by foot. It's not advisable to have a rental car if you're staying in an apartment in Nice, as parking is very limited and the roads are very busy which makes driving in Nice a little stressful.

30 minutes' drive from the Four Seasons

Eze Bord-de-Mer

Eze Bord-de-Mer is the section of coast that runs below the Medieval village of Eze. Eze is located high on a cliff-top above the coast, and although it's a wonderful place to visit, it's not the most convenient location in which to stay. However, there are some nice Airbnb options in Eze around the coastal area.

We would advise you to have a rental car if you plan on staying in Eze Bord-de-Mer as some properties are a little isolated and it can be difficult to get taxis and Ubers. The views afforded from properties in Eze are often spectacular and the settings are peaceful.

20 minutes' drive from the Four Seasons


The below hotels are all located in the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat / Beaulieu-sur-Mer area.

Hotel Select**

Hotel la Villa Cap Ferrat***

Hotel Frisia***

Carlton Beaulieu****

Royal Riviera*****

Four Seasons Cap-Ferrat*****

Our wedding venue

La Reserve de Beaulieu*****

Other recommended hotels in Villefranche-sur-Mer, Nice and Eze Village.

Villefranche: Hotel le Provencal**

Villefranche: Hôtel Le Versailles***

Villefranche: Welcome Hotel****

Nice: Beau Rivage****

Nice: Hyatt Regency*****

Eze: Les Terrasses d'Eze****

Eze: La Chèvre d’Or*****



It all started back in 2006. The road was a long and windy one but that's just how some roads go...

Why 2006? Well, I was graduating from high school, and it was time to figure out where I would be taking my talents to further my education. I had a short list of colleges I was considering, Elon University in North Carolina being one of them. And on the forefront of my young adolescent mind, I was attempting to determine my major, the ideal student to faculty ratio, and most important of all - how I could strategically avoid my nightmare scenario: an awful college roommate.

When it came down to selecting my university, I naturally hummed and hawed and weighed all of the options. After much deliberation I decided that Elon University, where my journey had led me to meet a stranger named Kelsey (who had major future new best friend potential) on one of my campus tours, was the only path forward.

Fast forward to 2020, little did I know that my strategic decision to avoid my nightmare scenario and scoring a best friend would ultimately lead me to my future husband and love of my life.

As the years went by, Kelsey and I's friendship would witness Kelsey finding her future husband, Sean. After getting to know Sean, Sean quickly learned that I couldn't sit still for very long and enjoyed traveling. A close friend of Sean's had started a travel company named Globekick and back in January of 2018 I received a text from Sean inquiring, "Hey what are your thoughts on this company, and would you travel like this?”. Included was a link to the company's website and a page to submit an application. Without a moment’s hesitation, I completed my application.

A few months later in May of 2018 on my 30th birthday, I was headed to Morocco for my first of four international trips with Globekick over the next year. During that time, I met some pretty incredible travelers and continued to keep in touch with a core group of Globekickers down in Austin, TX.

When the pandemic hit, I decided that it was time for a career shift. I proceeded to reach out to close friends to pull on their knowledge and expertise and put it out there that I was looking to make a change. I remember vividly Russ, one of the founders of Globekick who had since started a new venture, giving me a call one night as I was visiting a close friend, Katie, and her husband Jim, in Vermont. Russ proceeded to tell me about the start-up he was currently working for that conveniently was hiring and maybe it would be interesting to me... Needless to say, a few interviews later, a job offer and acceptance, and a flight down to Austin to figure out where I would call my new home - I was interested.


Chris -During the pandemic, I had become good friends with Russ (mentioned above) who had recently joined our company. I had heard him mention a few times that he had a friend in Cleveland, OH who was thinking about moving to Austin. I met Tracy for the first time at our office where she had come to town to explore the city and find out if it could compete with Cleveland.

Tracy - From my very first interaction with Chris, he commanded my full attention. I’ll never forget the moment. I walked into a room and met my entire new company for the first time. I was greeted with a very warm welcome from the group aside from this one person named Chris Doyle whose Q&A felt more like a fact checking session. I knew this one would keep me on my toes, and I was ready to play.

Chris - Since it was COVID times, we had a small, tight-knit group that hung out regularly on weeknights and weekends. Out on the boat, happy hours at the office, and game night was the regular routine while most of the country was shut down. One afternoon a small group was going out to the lake and (since Tracy was new in town) I asked if she wanted to join us. Her quick response was, “can I bring my little brother?”. The first thing that came to my mind was mental inventory if I had toddler lifejackets on the boat….my face was probably puzzled, when Tracy clarified that her little brother, Jeff, was 26 years old and in town for the week.

Tracy - As I got settled into Austin and my new job during May of 2020, let’s face it - no one wanted to be my friend. Because, well… COVID. My co-workers on the other hand were forced to see me day in and day out while the rest of the world was working remotely and avoiding my eagerness for friendship. Being that Russ was already a friend, I naturally forced him to hang out with me and by default the rest of the crew had to do the same, including this Chris Doyle character. Very likely seeing my lonesome self, hanging out too late at the office one day, Chris proceeded to ask if I would like to join a handful of co-workers for a few drinks after work out on his boat. In an effort to not appear desperate for human interaction, I quickly asked if my little brother could join as he had helped me during my move down to Austin and would most definitely want to be a part of the action.

Chris - Tracy showed up to the lake in white, jean pants. We could tell she still needed some Texas adjustment from the Ohio cruises she was used to. We went on a short ride, did some surfing and swimming. Since Tracy was wearing jeans, participation was lacking. Her little brother, Jeff, crushed surfing, and I could tell Tracy was jealous and wanted to get out there.

Tracy - I quickly came to find out that drinks out on the boat did not mean a casual booze cruise relaxing on the boat but rather an action filled evening of surfing on the lake. I loved my new city so much. And next time I’d be ready for action. I made sure to send a “thank you SO much, I had a blast!” text to Chris and hoped I’d be invited for more boating activities.

Chris - A few weeks later the group was going to hit the lake again on our regular weekday afternoon trip. Tracy had since been adopted by the group and was becoming a regular. Tracy learned her lesson and arrived in shorts and a bathing suit, ready to hit the lake. We did our regular routine of cruising, surfing, and swimming. When it was Tracy’s turn to surf, I did my normal tutorial on how to surf (I was a little bothered that we had to slow down for the rookie, OH girl). To my surprise, Tracy popped up the first time around like a natural. I was driving the boat but couldn’t help to take notice and be impressed (ok, maybe more than impressed).

Tracy - Fast forward to the next boat activity and I made sure to bring my swimsuit with me so I could participate in the fun this time. At this point I had watched at least a half dozen people give this whole surfing thing a shot. It looked pretty difficult with a lot of wipe outs and drinking of lake water. Jeff (my little brother) had made it look easy but of course he did because he’s a natural athlete. When it was my turn to give it a shot, in my eagerness and attempt at preparedness, I proceeded to ask Chris (who appeared to be the surfing expert) what to do once you got up on the board. He quickly turned to me with a smirk and said, “let’s just get you up on the board first”.

Chris - In typical Tracy fashion, when it was her turn to surf, she asked every question about surfing you could imagine. It normally takes folks 10x tries to get up for the first time so I humored her but wasn’t expecting much.

Tracy - Much to my GREAT satisfaction, I proceeded to get up and out of the wake on my first attempt and couldn’t help but want to poke back at Chris’s comment. To this day, I’ll claim that my surf skills are how I slowly but surely started making my way into Chris Doyle’s heart. 😊


Tracy fit in naturally with our crew and made it out a few times for games, nights outs and dinner. We had exchanged texts for recommendations on running trails, restaurants, and all things Austin. She kept asking about restaurants, so I gave her my favorite places. In one of the exchanges, Jeffery’s came up, which was my favorite place in Austin. Without thinking much about it, I told her I would “volunteer to take her there” one day.

Life moved on and one day on a dating app I came across a cute girl at an Indians game, in a bear suit. Upon further review, I discovered that cute girl was Tracy. I wasn’t sure what to do, left or right? On one hand, this was a pretty cute picture and part of me had a little crush on the surfer girl from Ohio. On the other hand, she had become a regular in the friend group. I decided to screen shot, send it to her, and ask what she would do. We mutually agreed, close the app.

It wasn’t really on my radar, but I started to think Tracy had a little crush on me and was wanting me to ask her out. She made it obvious one day when she walked a few miles to Jeffery’s with her pup, Tyson, and sent me a picture of the front of the restaurant with Tyson. I took this as the Ohio way of asking a boy out so I decided to make reservations for the next week.

The day before the reservation, I sent a screenshot to Tracy with a cute note to see if she wanted to have dinner. She mentioned that she was sorry, but she had just made plans (which I assumed was another date). She cancelled her other plans (date) and texted me back later that night asking if I still wanted to go to dinner. I said sure and planned on picking her up the next day.

I picked Tracy up at her apartment, she looked super cute and could tell that she was really excited for her first date in Texas. We get to the restaurant, take our seats, and the first thing I say is “I hope you know this is a date”. She smiled.

At the end of the night, I snuck over to her side of the table. We had a cute, first date kiss, and the rest is history.


The biggest gift you could give us is that you make a vacation out of your trip and enjoy Europe!



Take a stroll along the Beaulieu-sur-Mer sea front, following the road round to the port with the dramatic cliffs as the backdrop. Head inland to Beaulieu village, browse the little shops and soak up the chic Mediterranean village vibes. Fun fact: Beaulieu-sur-Mer is literally translated into English as “beautiful place
by the sea”!

Getting to Beaulieu: drive (park at the port), Uber or take a train to Beaulieu-sur-Mer train station.


The Cap-Ferrat walking tour offers a lovely circuit starting at Chemin de la Carrière, the town’s former quarry. The path hugs the coastline, passing below the Four Seasons, before reaching the lighthouse and Pointe Malalongue. You will encounter several coves until you reach Passable beach which faces Villefranche harbour with its citadel dominated by Mont Alban castle. (Distance: 3 mins, Duration: 2h)

Getting to Cap-Ferrat: drive (park at the port), Uber or take a train to Beaulieu-sur-Mer (Cap Ferrat is a short walk from Beaulieu station).


This rocky little Medieval hilltop village perched on an impossible peak is the jewel in the Riviera crown. A hike up to Fort de la Revère will yield incredible views of the Medi- terranean coast, and lead to a lovely picnic spot. The botanical gardens are also well worth a visit.

Getting to Eze village: drive (park in the village carpark) or Uber.


As important to French culture as Paris and pâté, the art of perfume is on display at the Fragonard perfumery in Eze. Activities available include a guided tour of the perfumery and perfume making workshops (reservations necessary).
Tel: +33 4 93 41 05 05

Getting to Fragonard: drive (there is a large carpark at Fragonard) or Uber.


Stroll the Promenade des Anglais, an elegant urban seafront that curves almost 5 miles round the Bay of Angels. Cross into the atmospheric old quarter (Vieux Nice), a labyrinth of narrow streets packed with arm waving commerce. Make sure to visit the city’s fabulous food and flower market located on Cours Saleya which is held every morning except Mondays (antiques). The city also boasts the Riviera’s best museums - the Matisse Museum, Chagall Museum and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, to name but a few.

Getting to Nice: drive (there are many carparks in town), Uber or train (Nice Ville station).


Monaco is an independent microstate on France’s Mediterranean coastline, known for its glitzy casinos, yacht-lined harbour and prestigious Grand Prix motor race, which runs through Monaco’s streets once a year in May. Monte Carlo, its major district, has an elegant Belle Époque casino complex, ornate opera house and luxury hotels, boutiques, nightclubs and French and Italian restaurants.

Tracy and Chris will be going to Monaco Wednesday night for a night of cocktails and gambling. If anyone is interested in exploring with us, send us a text :)

Getting to Monaco: drive (there are many carparks in town), Uber or train. Monaco has many tunnels so GPS signal is a little patchy if you're driving.


Constructed between 1905 and 1912, the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is one of the most emblematic landmarks of the French Riviera. The beautiful pink villa is filled with antiques and its gardens have musical fountains.

Getting to the Villa Ephrussi: drive, Uber or walk from Beaulieu train station.



Located a few minutes’ walk from the Royal Riviera hotel, Rudy the manager and his team will give you a warm welcome.

Tel: +33 4 93 54 07 89


Hidden away in a cove on the Cap-Ferrat peninsula, this beach is west facing so enjoys fabulous afternoon sun.

Tel: +33 4 93 76 06 17


Located on the East side of the Cap-Ferrat Peninsula, Paloma is most well-known for its food, especially the high-quality locally caught fish.

Tel: +33 4 93 01 64 71


Eze Bord-de-Mer
Distinctive hippy chic décor, fun party vibes and great people watching.

Tel: +33 6 98 46 48 36


More of a coastal restaurant than a beach club the setting at night-time is especially stunning. Excellent food.

Tel: +33 4 93 79 38 80


Nice Classy beach restaurant located close to the Nice old town.

Tel: +33 4 83 66 02 49

Baia bella

This is where we are having our welcome event (everyone is invited) on Wednesday from 1PM to 4PM.

Tel: +33 04 93 01 11 00



Port-side restaurant in Beaulieu-sur-Mer great for lunch or dinner & people watching. Request a table outside.

Tel: +33 4 93 01 10 85


Located at the end of the port in Nice right on the water’s edge, the Plongeoir offers fantastic Mediterranean food in a totally unique setting.

Tel: +33 4 93 26 53 02


Located in Villefranche-sur-Mer port, this traditional seafood restaurant has been a culinary landmark of the French Riviera since 1938. Opt for a candlelit table outside with a view of the harbour.

Tel: +33 4 93 01 71 39


Famed two-Michelin star restaurant with exquisite dishes and views of the Med.

Tel: +33 4 92 10 66 66

BEAULIEU: Circé in Beaulieu sur Mer

Drinks then dinner at Circé in Beaulieu sur Mer, they close at 2am, it’s a great vibe, it opened this summer. Food and ambiance are both great!

Tel: +33 4 22 45 05 80


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